Inspired by the salty beaches of Bali, sexy beach fashion of Brazil and the confident attitude of Ibiza, Saltyhair came to life. 

Our sortiment is hand picked and our pieces are bold and sexy yet tasteful and minimalistic. Every Saltyhair bikini is chosen and made to be worn by confident women who dare to be extraordinary.

Our philosophy is that all women should enhance their confidence and beauty rather than hide it. What better way to do this than in a Saltyhair bikini?



The idea of Saltyhair was born during a long trip through the islands of Indonesia. Our primary goal on this journey was to get away from stress and find our true path. 

We spent most of our time in Bali, a fantastic island with amazing nature and beaches. Here we performed daily yoga, walked through the jungle, meditated, read books and spent time on the beach. Even though we didn't know it at the time, the idea of Saltyhair was formed right there.

We continued our travelling to Ibiza where part of our beloved family live. Here we were even more inspired by this islands' atmosphere and hippie lifestyle. Life is all about living it on your own terms and doing what you really love.

And what did we really love? We found it easier to first recognize what we didn't want. This resulted in a list summarizing the most important conclusion; we didn't want to live life in fear, being stuck in the daily "surviving-the-day struggle". Especially we didn't want to do this on someone elses terms.

We specialize in photography, love to explore the world and to live our days on the beach (who doesn't?!). At the same time we are hard workers who love starting and developing projects. Our friends would probably describe us as curious seekers with a hint of crazy.

With Saltyhair it's not only about bikinis; this fantastic project allows us to feel like ourselves, do what we do best and what we truly love. Saltyhair was the path we naturally found.

Join us on our journey, we hope to be part of yours!




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