How we started Saltyhair

It all started out as a fun thing, but as we took step by step everything suddenly became real...

When Josef and I came home from Ibiza we had a lot of packages waiting for us, filled with bikinis from different suppliers. We sat at home in the apartment we rented in and were super excited to see what had come. I had a bikini fashion show for Josef who was laughing his ass off, some bikinis were so horrible that not even recycling would take them. But then there were some bikinis we really liked - including NATAL and ARUBA. One of the suppliers delivered really good quality and nicer products than the others, so we ordered more samples and started to build up a small storage at home.

The next thing on the list was to build the website, which we had started building in Ibiza that day in the coffeeshop. Since neither of us really knew how to code, we built the page in WIX, a great tool where you don’t really need to have any knowledge. We sat day in and day out with layout and texts. We also needed a logo, luckily Josef is an expert at photoshop so we managed to create one on our own. Since day one with Saltyhair, our idea has been to do everything ourselves (as much as we possibly can). Everything can be solved along the way and it doesn’t always have to be completely perfect from the beginning either.

We soon realized that we would need a lot of pictures, on the products but also on models wearing them. At this point we hadn’t even received all the bikinis we wanted to sell yet, so to get started we got pictures from the suppliers that we photoshoped into a background haha. It looked like this:

Saltyhair also needed a "story" - what do we do and above all - why? It’s harder than you think to express your true purpose in text but it also forced us to think, what was Saltyhair all about? When we started discussing it, it was clear.

1) The future is female! We want to create bikinis worn by strong, confident women who dare to be as extraordinary as they actually are. Our philosophy is that all women should embrace their self-confidence and beauty rather than hide it. Dare to be you!

2) Life is all about living on your own terms and doing what you really love. That's what we do with Saltyhair and we encourage everyone else to follow their dreams.

Read our whole story here.

So now we needed pictures on models. We started by trying to take pictures of me at home in the living room, but it looked way too vulgar and far too boring - Saltyhair is all about beaches and oceans. We realized we needed to travel again!

At the same time we also came up with the idea of ​​bringing Josef's sister Elena into the company, she’s a model and lives in Los Angeles. She's also a bikini fan and has good marketing channels. We asked her if she was interested in becoming a part of Saltyhair and she was completely on board. Elena is one of the 'Hollywood wives’ on the Swedish TV-show, could we use this in any way? She sold the idea of having a Saltyhair photoshoot in the show and now we suddenly had a planned date for filming with Saltyhair in ’Hollywood wives’. This felt completely absurd, everything happened so fast.

We booked tickets for LA and continued working on what we could back in Sweden. Now we had to do all the boring but necessary things. We started the company, found an accountant, VAT registered the company and went to a bank meeting to start a business account. Somewhere here we realized that there was no turning back. Up until now, we had really only taken a lot of steps without thinking about the next and without considering that we would actually be responsible for a real company with expenses and revenues. But now everything was real.

We came no further than this without pictures for the website. We couldn’t sell bikinis without model pics, nor create content for our social medias. Fortunately, it was soon time for LA with both ’Hollywood wives’ and photoshoots for Saltyhair!

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