Saltyhair is born

To give you a short background... Saltyhair started with me (Micaela) and Josef, my boyfriend at the time. I had just quit my 9-5 job where I worked as a consultant manager and Josef was a freelancing photographer. We decided to start traveling together and I needed to find what I wanted to do in life. Without any security we booked a one-way ticket to Bali.

After being in Bali for a month we didn't really want to go home at all. We had meditated, gone on adventures diving, spent hours on the beach reading and discussing life and the future. This day we sat in a coffee-shop in Bali planning what to do next and we went through our options. What we knew was that we absolutely didn’t want to go home to ice cold Sweden, but it’s expensive to travel and none of us really had any income at the moment. Was there some way we could get away cheaper? Then we remembered that Josef has family who live in Ibiza. Without much thought we booked tickets there. Who would have thought that Saltyhair would be born there?

We kind of froze to death there in Ibiza, it was mid december and we had to buy winter jackets and heaters for the apartment. We stayed in Josefs' cousin's apartment and when we got there the water heater had just broken down, and the homes in Ibiza are not isolated. This was the opposite of paradise. Ibiza in the summer is a nice sunny party island but in the winter it's completely dead and really cold. Unlike Sweden, at least it was bright all day (and of course a little warmer) so we got our daily dose of vitamin D, but it was not as easy to focus on our well-being with so much external stress. We went to Es Vedrá, walked around, ate (far too much) food and celebrated Christmas with Josef’s family.

One very late evening we were in the apartment, frozen and bored. Suddenly Josef bounced out of the kitchen and said "we should start a webshop where we sell something”! He was kind of joking but still there was some seriousness in his eyes. He picked up a plastic skull(?) and said ”maybe something like this"? Of course I totally rejected his proposal, but instead I suggested that we could sell bikinis, mostly because I love bikinis and then I could get some for myself. Once again it was kinda not serious but still a little. With his usual enthusiasm, Josef thought that this was the best idea ever so we started looking for bikini suppliers at 2 am. It all ended with us ordering a bunch of bikinis from different suppliers. That night none of us could sleep because we were so hyped, we were lying in bed brainstorming on the name for the bikinibrand. Somewhere there in the middle of everything we finally fell asleep.

(Too) early in the morning, Josef bounced out of bed and shouted "SALTYHAIR! The brand name should be "SALTYHAIR"!. So just like that we had the name.

We took a morning walk down to Ibiza harbor where we often had crepes for breakfast and we sat down to work. How do we build a website? What do we have to do now? We need to start a company! We have to take pictures! Who will manage the numbers? How much would this cost? What if we don't even sell a single bikini? We had so many questions and things to sort out. We didn't really know ANYTHING about this but now we had an idea and we had a goal. We were so excited! On new year's eve we flew back home to Sweden, we had plenty of things to do now. New year's eve is overrated anyways.

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